Tuesday, March 24, 2020

#SOL20 D24 Having Three Kids While Sheltering-in-Place

It's funny that time has slipped so quickly since the last time I wrote. Five days.

I've been proud of the kids in these last few days. They're finding things to do. They're spending too much time on screens, but they're also building marble runs and finishing room re-dos (Emma's ready for her reveal tomorrow!). They're shooting hoops and laughing and bonding. They'll remember this time together for the rest of their lives.

The boys have slept in the same room every night since this has started. No matter how hard they fight during the day, they want to bunk together. First, Jacob made a nest bed (our family name for a floor bed) up until yesterday. Now, because Greg's working on painting Justin's room, the boys have moved to Jacob's room.

Justin's room is long overdue for a remake; he had a peeling wallpaper mural that had been there when we moved in (10 years ago!). Justin really wants to paint his room orange...I've talked him into a light gray with one small wall (his closet) painted blue.

Emma and I went for a drive today. We cruised around, looking at closed businesses, watching people out for walks. We talked and laughed. We listened to music, she told me stories about her friends.

Today Emma and Jacob started wrestling. They're nearly 13, and as Emma dropped on top of Jacob, trapping him underneath her, I was thrown back 10 years when they used to wrestle in exactly the same way.

The three of them are having a hard time figuring out how to wrestle together. Justin ends up watching them wrestle. Or Emma ends up watching the boys go at it. It can be hard to have three. But mostly, I'm so grateful for them.


  1. I can see why you have neglected the writing, Angela. You have important work you are doing. A mom in the work of building lifelong memories of peace, joy, and safety during a pandemic. It was a good writing break.

  2. Sounds like memories are being made.