Thursday, March 30, 2017

3.30.17 #sol17 Six Word Memoirs: Vacation

Tonight is the last night of our week vacation in Florida. We head home tomorrow and while I'm so sad, I'm ready to be home (now if only we could skip the 15 hour drive...). In reflecting on our trip, I decided to write about our time using the six word memoir, one of my favorite types of writing. 

Six Word Memoirs About Florida 2017: 

Lazy mornings. Full days. Tired feet.

Siblings bond, fight, make up. Repeat.

Take a video! No. Make memories.

Marveling at good fortune. Blessings abound.

Wrestling with conscience about Sea World.

First half: delicious. Second half: fast.

Restored, recharged, reconnected. Ready for home.

Trying to create candids; best spontaneous.

See the wonder in their eyes.

So very tired. So much laundry.

Letters in sky sum it up.

Today at the pool someone had hired a sky writer to write Thank U.
Captures how I'm feeling tonight. 


  1. Again, your words don't disappoint. What a beautiful description of your feelings about vacation. How cool that skywriter wrote Thank u in the sky.

  2. Great way to sum up a trip! I may try that for my final Slice as we wrap up our trip, too!

  3. What a beautiful trip - love the sky writing! I must admit, I loved this line - too:"Siblings bond, fight, make up. Repeat." So true! Great memories from what sounds like a fabulous trip!