Sunday, March 26, 2017

3.26.17 #sol17 Nature Walk

Today I write about a real slice of life: 15 minutes in my day during Spring Break. 

We took about 10 minutes to take a nature walk today. The kids didn't want to do it, but they never do. I knew, though, as soon as I saw the path headed away from our resort, that there would be something good back there. And I love it when I'm right!

a rare sight: the boys getting along
and talking nicely to each other.

Jacob pointed out this bird. We're not sure what it was, but we loved watching it stalk the fish.

This isn't a very clear picture, but there was an egret just hanging out in this marsh.
He never moved, never fished, never wavered. 

After looking down into the nature for so  long, I looked up, and only in Orlando
would there then be a magical hot air balloon floating in the sky! 

As we headed back to our condo, this sweet girl decided she'd pose for some pictures.
I just love her sweet smile. 

Justin, with his Pikachu, of course.

We thought we'd spotted an otter or a seal or a something when we were at the marsh. And sure enough, once we got back to our condo, there were four otters playing in the pond behind our condo, which is adjacent to the marsh. Throughout the day today we watched and listened to the otter playing. And like a teacher, I made my kids do a question blitz about otters and then research. We learned a lot!
This one I think I'll get framed. The four of us watching who knows what.
I love the way our shadows capture us.
I only wish Greg had been there too. 


  1. Thank you for taking me on spring break with you! :) What a wonderful day!!! I think you're right about framing that last picture! It's perfect!

  2. Beautiful day in nature! Great photos! I love, love, love the shadow one. Enjoy your spring break!