Saturday, March 18, 2017

3.18.17 #sol17 Currently

Inspired by Jen I thought I'd try the "Currently" structure today too. I thought about what I'm currently doing literally as well as things that are happening in my life right now.
Watching:  Greg and Jacob watch Jurassic Park together for the first time; Sneaky Pete on Amazon Prime; Goldbergs with my kiddos (they're finally at an age where I feel like we can watch sitcoms together). Survivor; this is one of the few shows Greg will actually sit down and watch with me. 
Listening:  to the Missing Richard Simmons podcasts; Emma and her friend making musically videos in the basement; Jacob making his little tic sound that is driving me totally nuts.
Appreciating: that I was able to sleep until 9:45 this morning (that hasn't happened in YEARS!); that Greg's spring break started today; that I have a husband who likes to grocery shop; in-laws who will drive 5 hours to come stay with our kids; that I can take Emma shopping and buy her new clothes, even if she hates shopping.
Loving: connecting with my girlfriends over coffee, or lunch, or a beer, or at exercise class. And that I got to do all of those things this week - finally; lazy days; baseball season; soccer season; Justin in his karate uniform.
Eating:  too much. trying to eat more greens and less sugar. Why can't vegetable taste as good as sugar does?
Drinking:  Dt. Pepsi. Miller Light. Water. In that order. I'm working on reversing the order. 
Wishing:  I didn't have to try on bathing suits tomorrow. That I still had my 30 year old self's metabolism; that I could be more comfortable in the skin I'm in now.
Planning:  to see Hamilton this week; to go to Florida soon; where our extended family will go for our annual Father's Day trip; how to lose 20 lbs by the time we get to Florida on Friday (making chocolate chip cookies tonight is probably the first step in all the diet books, right?). 
Reading:  texts from my sisters and mom; slice blog posts, Velva Jean Learns to Drive; getting ready to read The Hate U Give; tweets, mostly about teaching and Trump.


  1. I like this format. I may have to "borrow" it.

  2. I'm jealous of a few things here.... Hamilton?!?!?!?!?! Awesome!!! and Florida?!?!?!?!?! I'm so jealous! Hoping you have a safe trip! Loved your Currently!

  3. I really like this format. I may use it this week so thanks for the idea. Here is a line I really like, "Loving: connecting with my girlfriends over coffee, or lunch, or a beer, or at exercise class."

  4. I haven't seen this format before but I like it and might try it myself. :-) I like the line about reading texts from your sisters and are blessed. ~JudyK

  5. Liked the format for this post. I laughed and smiled as I read. I admit, I'm slightly jealous you were able to sleep until 9:45-sounds heavenly!! :)

  6. I've seen a few Slicers use this format. I love it! I need to try it, too. I thought your "Drinking" category was funny. ;-) So wonderful that you got to sleep until 9:45. Sleeping in is such a luxury! I have a husband who likes to grocery shop, too. SCORE!

  7. Sounds like a great time. You are the second person recently to mention that podcast- I guess I better check it out. I love that Currently is always interesting!

  8. Right there with you on the "eating" and "wishing" parts! What about reading??? I need something new!

  9. Love your approach to losing 20 lbs by Friday - chocolate chip cookies would be in my plan, too! This is the greatest gift, I think: 'in-laws who will drive 5 hours to come stay with our kids' - such a beautiful thing!!