Monday, March 13, 2017

3/13/17 #sol17 It hit me tonight ...

It hit me tonight.

I'm out of ideas.
I've tried writing about chop sticks and church.
I've started a reflection about Emma's flushed cheeks,
made a list of the sweet things my youngest said today,
wrote a scene between Jacob and me.

I've contemplated writing about
snow days,
or snooze alarms
or stand-up comedy.

I've drafted a column about cooking,
an essay about catholicism,
a poem about my husband.

It's not just that I'm out of ideas,
I'm out of steam, stamina.

Even when I have the ideas,
I can't get past the starting,
past the telling.

I'm having a hard time finding
my way to the showing,
to the part where I surprise myself.

Oh, wait.
There it is.

It hit me tonight.


  1. I'm looking forward to reading about all the things you've started. :) Sometimes the stamina gets the best of all of us! I love how you wrote about it. :)

  2. And yet, you managed to create a poem. Bravo! I love the third stanza:
    "I've drafted a column about cooking, /an essay about catholicism, /a poem about my husband." The randomness of those topics works beautifully with your dilemma. Thanks for sharing!