Wednesday, March 1, 2017

3/1 #sol17 Things To Worry About ...

15, Maybe 16 Things To Worry About When You Start a Blog

*with thanks to Judith Viorst

Nobody could maybe read this thing,
or worse yet, they could read it and not having anything to say.
I might use incorrect grammar,
or split my infinitives.
Maybe my students will read it
and learn something too personal. Or not personal enough.

Or maybe I'll run out of ideas on day three.
(Birth? Bad Breath? Babies? Do people care?)

I could write and the computer could freeze
and lose all my work.
Or I could link it up in the wrong spot.
(Permalinks? Comments? Images?)

Stacey might kick me out of the challenge.
Or Holly might laugh too hard at my embarrassing story (or worse, not hard enough).
Betsy DeVos could read it and maybe tweet that I'm what's wrong with teaching.

Maybe this will be beautiful.
Maybe it will be exactly the thing I've been missing.
Maybe this blog, this community, this moment, will be the kick start.
Maybe, just maybe, I'll remember how to walk the walk.


  1. ❤ your bloggers rendition. Real, wonderful and funny

  2. You will see exactly how amazing this community can be! Welcome to Slice of Life. The Betsy DeVos line made me chuckle. Very crafty piece.

  3. Love this! So true... we worry, and then we write... Awesome!

  4. Honestly, to throw your words back at you - "this will be beautiful"!! Welcome to slicing! I find that the blogging challenge opens up my mind to all sorts of writing possibilities. It is so much fun!

  5. Welcome to SOLC! Laugh? I think not! I remember my own, first post and the feeling of angst as I hit publish. I love the challenge this gives me as a writer and hope you do too! Great post!